Honing vs Polishing, Do You Know the Difference?

Honing vs polishing natural stone, they are not the same thing and can have vastly different looks and feels. Do you know the difference? This article will help you understand the flooring you have and how it could look with a little work.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

“It's the Most Wonderful Time....of the Year...It's the Hap...Happiest Season of ALLLLLLL.”

The holidays are most definitely upon us and with that we have family functions and gatherings, holiday greetings and gay, happy meetings with relatives demanding our figgy pudding, parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting with scary ghost stories (actually I've never known where the ghost stories come from...but maybe you and your family are happily carrying on that tradition), and tales of the glory...from Christmases long, long ago. I suppose what I'm getting at is, there has always been two schools of thought.

Winter Window Cleaning

Have You Done Your Winter Window Cleaning Yet?

Most people don't pay much attention to their windows until they can't see through them. Window cleaning ought to be done regularly in Arizona to keep up with our extreme climate and weather patterns. In some parts of this country the weather is mild and people have soft enough water coming from their hoses that they can spray their windows themselves, let them dry in the sun and call it “good enough”.

Does Your Carpet Feel Damp?

In our previous article we discussed some of the “symptoms” of a poorly executed carpet cleaning. Specifically, we addressed some of the science and chemistry behind “crunchy” carpeting and what this “crunchiness” is a bigger indication of. Today, continuing with this “haphazard” carpet cleaning theme, I would like to discuss the over-wetting of your carpeting and more specifically, the potential hazards you face if excessive (and unnecessary) moisture is left within your carpet fiber directly after a carpet cleaning.

Does Your Carpet Feel Crunchy?

If you've ever wondered why your carpet seems to be re-soiling more quickly right after a professional cleaning, this article can explain. The problem begins with that crunchy carpet your kids love to walk on, after it finally dries, that crunch is a warning sound...

Natural Stone Care

Natural stone care gives many home and business owners a hard time, because it's such an intricate process that is customized for each floor. It's different for travertine than for marble, glossy or dull finish... but, now that you've got it the way you want it, here are some tips to keep it looking great.

Ceramic Tile Care

Ceramic Tile Care

Ceramic tile care is pretty straight forward, and much less labor intensive than other types of flooring, like natural stone.If you've just had your ceramic tile cleaned, what do you need to take into consideration on a day to day basis so that you don’t hurt it by mistake? I want to talk to you specifically about:

Carpet Cleaning Myth #6

“You seem way more expensive than the coupons I usually get in the mail”

Carpet Cleaning Myth #5

"Dry cleaning is actually a better cleaning method than “wet” or steam cleaning!”

Carpet Cleaning Myth #4

“You should actually avoid cleaning your carpet, or at least wait as long as you can
before having it professionally cleaned”